Blue Ribbon

Since 1973, we have produced our own line of motor oils, hydraulic oil, heavy engine oils, automatic transmission and universal tractor fluids, which we market under the Blue Ribbon brand name. Please follow the API license link for further information regarding our private label.

Engine Oils

Developed with today’s high speed, high performance engines that demand high quality lubricants in mind, our premium Blue Ribbon product line offers protection over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Blue Ribbon heavy duty engine oils are produced from base oil technology using state of the art additive chemistries. The resulting products provide maximum engine protection in severe operating conditions, as well as extended drain intervals.

Tractor Fluids

Construction and farming industries utilize our quality tractor fluids, formulated from high quality paraffin based oils and additives. Designed for superior low temperature performance, these products possess excellent friction control and are ideal for use in wet brakes and clutch applications. We’ve also engineered these lubricants to provide optimum protection against rust and corrosion.

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Our Blue Ribbon automatic transmission fluid has been designed for the new generation of electronic controlled transmissions. It meets all the performance requirements for current hydraulic manufacturers for anti-wear hydraulic fluids as well as previous transmissions built by GM, Ford, Chrysler and most Foreign Manufacturers.

Be sure to ask for our Blue Ribbon brand of lubricants. They’ll provide maximum protection for your equipment over a wide range of operating conditions and at a price that doesn’t max out your maintenance budget.

Heavy Duty Engine Oil

ESC+ 15W-40: Specs >> SDS
ESC+ 10W-30: Specs >> SDS
HDEO SAE30: Specs >> SDS

Hydraulic Fluids

AW-32: Specs >> SDS
AW-46: Specs >> SDS
AW-68: Specs >> SDS

Gear Lubricants

GL-5 80W-90: Specs >> SDS
GL-5 85W-140: Specs >> SDS
Full Syn 75W-90: Specs >> SDS
Full Syn 75W-140: Specs >> SDS

Passenger Car Motor Oil

Synthetic Blend:
5W-20: Specs >> SDS
5W-30: Specs >> SDS

QL Syn Blend:
5W-20: Specs >> SDS
5W-30: Specs >> SDS

Transmission Fluids

Traditional ATF: Specs >> SDS
Full Syn Trans 50: Specs >> SDS
Universal Tractor Fluid: Specs >> SDS


Kleansol 30: Specs >> SDS